Super YUM!! - Mumbai Fashion Photographer

Monday, February 8, 2010 | |

So this was my 5 minutes of fame in glamor/ fashion photography. Although technically its pretty much the same drill as regular studio setup which I do, fashion / glamor photography is totally a different ball game. It requires a photographer to style, research, conceptualize and much much more. But trust me I loved whatever I have done so far and would love to explore a bit more.

Anyways here is my first celebrity victim. (I should mention that he was very professional and man the guy can pull out poses at such ease that it feels that every move of his is a click worthy)

Presenting Aryan Vaid

This my dear people this is the ultimate pin-up pose :D

One of the photography goals for 2010 was to shoot a celebrity/ model. Dint know that it would be so easy and soon.