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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 | |

I used to be obsessed about reading(now not so much) I was obsessed about blogging (now its no more an obsession but I still blog simply because I like it). I am addicted to facebook.
I am passionate about Photography. But I think slowly am getting obsessed about it. No wonder, I dream about clicking Hrithik Roshan all willing to pose for me (ahem ....ahem...) & all am worried is not being able to nail THE shot and panicking about my limited memory space in my SD card :P 4 GOD SAKE ITS HRITIK ROSHAN in your dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this is have any connection with my previous post? :P Is it some sort of crypt sign from above? hehehe....
Since no post is complete without a photograph here are some taken @ the Kalaghoda fest 2010


Mumbai Paused said...

Love the first images. It's alive!