Coffee Table Wedding Books - Mumbai Wedding Photographer

Sunday, February 27, 2011 | |

Coffee Table Albums are a cool way to display your pictures. Some of the reasons I offer them are:

  • They are classy and stylish.

  • They last longer than your regular album as the pages / photos don't stick to each other.

  • They are UV coated so even if you accidentally spill something it would spoil the precious moments of your life.

  • Digital files are vulnerable to being corrupted and thus a possibility of loosing all those precious moments captured forever. A coffee table album will store your precious memories intact.

  • Lastly unlike the regular albums offered to you in the market which are bulky and heavy taking up a lot of space, these beauties are easy to carry around as they are compact and light weight.

So come and experience some awesomeness and shoot me an e-mail ( to order your coffee table book today.

Below shown is 12/12 standard square album ideal for storing your engagement and other ceremony photographs.

Below shown is is a 12/18 Standard book ideal for storing your wedding photos.