Happy New Year - Mumbai Pet Photographer

Monday, January 4, 2010 | |

Happy New Year!!!!! I hope 2010 is full of good things and only good things for you, me and everyone. I think its imperative that I start the new year post with the picture of my love - Mandy.

So what is my resolution for 2010?? Just a few which I intend to keep up at least half way through if not the whole year. So here we go:

  • Just take it (life) as it comes. Stop fighting it and trying to control.
  • Hit the gym as regularly as possible.
So whats your resolution for 2010?


mumbai paused said...

Off topic:

Mumbai Paused: The next time you pass by the Toll Booth (vashi to town), look to your right. Behind the shrubs.

sandeep said...

cute shot :) wish u have a cuter 2010 :)

Deepa said...

@mumbai paused: Yes I will look out for that nxt time :)

@Sandeep : thnk u and wish u the same :)