Wedding Photography

Monday, March 2, 2009 | |

Wedding photography is not every photographers cup of tea. Its extremely demanding but pretty lucrative industry. The Wedding Photography scene is pretty much still in its stone age days in India. Photographers are provided either by the reception venue owners or one is hired from the nearby photo studio which displays the portraits of the famous bollywood heroines photos in 5 different sizes on their glass windows.


This is my good friend and collegue who got married in a typical Mangalorean style.

Stepping towards new life

These pictures are of the Homam rituals where the pujari lights the sacred fire and a 'homa' or sacrifice is performed amidst Vedic chants. The bride's brother puts fistfuls of puffed rice into the hands of his sister and the groom, which they in turn offer into the sacred fire each time they go around it.