Shoot Shoot And Shoot More

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 | |

Apples are my favourite. Its also good for your health. Remeber the common saying "An Apple a days keeps the doctor away" Its also filling enough to nip you in between hunger pangs. I usually have one every day at work just an hour before lunch to eat less during lunch.

A for Apple

Photography has been a hobby for me since some years. First I used to shoot with the cheap film cameras, then moved to a simple/cheap p&s and stuck to it for 2+ years just to confirm that I still want to do more photography. Then last year I bought my first SLR. Yes there was the initial excitement and there used to be days when I used to drag myself early Sunday morning to the MWS (Mumbai Weekend Shoot), soon the drive to get up early morning wore off (yeah I ain't a morning person). Its too cold to get up in the morning., too much work pressure, guests, social commitments and so on. The excuses were endless. nevertheless I still wanted to photograph but was not sure what when and how. Then I read the Flickr blog where they ask 5 Questions for (Photographer) where most of the photographers seemed to say that shoot shoot and shoot more to improve.

Hence I have started doing so: Shoot everything and anything.I care a damn if people stare (yes am extremely conscious about that). I might not be able to shoot/upload every single day but definitely my target is 5 photos a week.