Yannick & Jolene Preshoot - Mumbai Wedding Photographer

Friday, May 20, 2011 | |

Yannick & Jolene will soon tie the knot. The first time when Jolene mentioned Yannick's name I thought that she must be getting married to a Persian or an Egyptian guy. I felt this more so because she works in the middle east (see my sometimes my imaginations runs wild :P). Supposedly his super cool parents named him after a Tennis player.
They both are childhood sweethearts, just that they dint know this at that time. Only when the geographical distance between them widened, they realised that both couldn't live without each other. On a early Sunday morning these guys were sportive enough to dress up and drive almost 45k + kms to do this shoot and I am super excited to shoot their wedding :)
I always encourage my clients to go for a preshoot because:
a) We get to know each other well and that makes a ton of difference how I look at things on ur wedding day and capture them...trust me this is true and its coming from the horses mouth.
b) As a couple its very rare that you will have any professionally captured photos other than that which is taken on ur wedding day. This is a chance to have some nice non wedding couple pictures.
c) Wedding preparations can be crazy sometimes and sometime even the most awesome couple can have their moments and possibilities of some sparks flying. This 1-2 hrs is a good chance to have so 'US' time and I can capture the magic between u guys.
d) Lastly some awesome pictures of you both are a cool way to announce to your family and friends that you are soon getting hitched.
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