Are u a WHAT photographer?

Monday, May 3, 2010 | |

"But you are in to weddings yaar!" This is what my friend told me when we were speaking of non wedding photography. I did try to explain to her that am not a wedding photographer, I am more of a people photographer. Weddings are one of the things that I like to do for the sheer fact that there are truck loads of people and emotions.

Thinking back on this conversation I asked myself what kinda photographer are you? Fashion photographer? Wedding photographer? Pet Photographer? Street Photographer? After giving some thought I feel better equipped to answer this question. I am an emotions photographer. Yes am a sucker for emotions ( yah yah the typical cancerian in me speaks again) and I love capturing the emotions. Obviously human beings are the easiest guinea pigs available if one wants to capture emotions. Wedding ritual revolves around emotions (shoot me if am wrong). It has drama, emotion, romance, action (yes sometimes the dishum dishum types too) but most importantly the entire ritual of the wedding (be it any, christian, hindu, muslim) is based on emotions. Hence weddings are my favorite to photograph.

Since no post will be complete without photographs here are 2 which was taken at Dadar Phool (Flower) Market last Sunday.