Bunny - Mumbai Kid Portrait Photographer

Sunday, October 18, 2009 | |

Photographing babies can be either the easiest task or it can be the most difficult one. It depends on how the photographer can manipulate the situation to his or her advantage.
Frankly speaking even though I love babies, I have no experience handling babies. Am the mean aunt who was never around ma nephews and nieces. Nevertheless I find babies being pretty comfortable with me ( probably because I am like a bean bag and its super comfy for them when I carry them around LOL)

Here is Bunny aka Annaliese who is the apple of eye for my friend and her hubby. I have photographed this diva hen she was just 3 months old. Now she is 9mnths.
This weekend I captured a lot of pictures of her and her daddy dear was super happy with the results. I also caught a few family pictures so they can blow it up and put it on the walls.

The happy family

The other kid in the family wit the mom

Last but not the least with grandma dear