Transition from the bachelorette way of living

Monday, June 15, 2009 | |

Its Monday! I am pulling out some of the pics from the archives, of course a bit of post processing does no harm. So after a long extended weekend (4 days wooohoo!) am back. Finally I am ready to give up my freedom and bachelorette state of living. I will have my mom and sis movie in with me from next week. To tell u the truth in the last couple of years I have pulled up my socks and had given the bachelorette way of living. That meant more comfortable home instead of a mattress on the floor and a few pillows and cushions thrown in, a dog (I love her!) as a companion, no regular late mights, serious hobbies (who am i kidding :p). It was a slow transition and hence I think I am not exactly feeling that I am gonna loose my freedom/Independence.


Rebus said...

Slow and easy does the way; too ud a pic rustic & paradoxically fresh!