Dream Home

Thursday, June 18, 2009 | |

The real estate prices in Mumbai is unimaginable. Its as bad as New York. I live in the suburbs of Mumbai, a place called Navi (New) Mumbai. Sadly the real estate prices have sky rocketed here too in the recent past. And the current economic conditions haven't really effected the real estate business at all. With such high prices I am not sure if I will ever find my dream house(in my small budget). So the next best thing is to rent a house near these high skyscrapers which cost a bomb and simply admire them.

The weather is acting very silly these days. The clouds play peek-a-boo with the sun. One minute u see these dark grey clouds, giving the feeling that there is gonna be a heavy shower and then the next minute is clear sky with lots of sun. I wish its rains and the weather cools down.


Rishi said...

You wish it rained?. You got your wish now, didn't you? :)

Nice blog, by the way! And awesome images.