My post processing secrets

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 | |

Summer days

Even the best photo requires a little bit of post processing work. Its like a beautiful lady can always look more beautiful with a dash of makeup. The same way I too have post processing work done on my photos.

There are times when I process my photos using multiple softwares. And I am pretty open to try any new post processing s/w. But most of the time I juggle between Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lighroom and a wee bit of Picasa. Most of the time I process my pictures in Lightroom and Photoshop (OK I confess... more of lightroom maybe). Picasa is more convenient to use for straightening photos, itsy bitsy touch ups and and sometimes for cropping too. I also use GIMP but that's very rare.

So now that the cat is out of the box, tell me what kind of tools do u use for post processing.


Gunjan said...

Deepa, your pictures are very cool..
I am just learning to take good photographs, with my D60..
I somehow think that pictures should not be post processed, they give undue advantage to the photographers, although on the otherhand I agree it adds beauty and is a form of creativity for the graphic artist. I am in favor of experimentation with the exposure with the camera, that is the real art of the photographer, an probably mixing post facto is for those who don't want to play with the camera.


Deepa said...

@gunjan: To each its own that what i have to say... this is a much debated topic processing versus the original deal. According to me post processing goes hand in hand with skilled photography. It would be wrong to entirely depend on post processing and neglect the techniques, I ttry and get the best possibile in the shot itself, a little bit of pp definetly dosnt do much harm.

So as i said earlier tisa on going debate