Kotachiwadi - A photographers delight

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I walk past the conjusted roads, its a new day,a shop owner throws bucket full of water on the entrance and tiny droplets splash on ur face. unapologetically he picks a broom and starts sweeping away the excess water on hestep. A hard cart with loads os stuff is pulled along, it almost runs over my leg. The nukkad ka paan wala is washing his beetel leaves in a stainless stell bucket. People are busy walking past on either directions. The waiting taxi wala. As he sees me appraching he gets up assuming me to be a potential customer but the moment I open my mouth asking for directions he is slightly irritated and waves his hand and says 'see dha jao' and doesnt bother to answer my counter question 'aur?'.
Futher down I meet an uncle in black shots and stiped t-shirt who helps me to the right direction and even offered to walk with me. Amidst old builds with rotten wodden balconys where all kinds of clothes are hung up to dry an ubrupt turn take u inside a small lane. As you enter the lane u are immediately feel as though u have entered a movie set. The entire place is disconnected from the chaos outside. This is Kothachi Wadi

Khotachiwadi is a heritage village in Girgaon, Mumbai, India. Houses built are made from the old-Portuguese style architecture.
It was founded in the late 18th century by Khot,a Pathare prabhu, who sold plots of land to local East Indian families. There used to be 65 of these houses, now reduced to 28 as old buildings are being pulled down to make way for new skyscrapers. -Wiki

Khotachi Wadi
Its seems like a spec of Goa has fell right in the middile of the chaotic Mumbai. I am a bit amazed to realise that there can be beautiful tiny cottages amidst the concrete jungle. Houses have verandhas (let me see when was the last time I saw a house with a verandha....ding ding ding not in bombay until now). Even the space in front of ur gate is decorated with bright mango tile chips, tree barks, stones and huge wodden urns. The bright colors on the walls, the wodden frame blaconys and the bougeinvilla fences truly makes this place a photographers delight.
Its sunny yellow for me :)
Mr Damania

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