Indian way to photograph

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 | |

Even today Indians feel a good photograph can only be taken in a studio with plastic props, lights that make u several tones fairer and a very over the top floral prainting as a background. One of the reasons lay people still prefer this is because its affordable. I still remember that my mom used to take me and my sister all dressed up every three months to the photo studio. Then 3 copies were made ; one is sent to my dad who was in Dubai( yes we are the typical mallu family) then the other was sent to the grandparents and last copy went in the family album.
Then came the era of digital point and shoot, where every one who could push the shutter button was a photographer. Now a photographer is called only to capture weddings and engagements. Rarely for others special occasions. True that you cant have all the moments captured in style but definetly some has to. This is possibile now because of the new breed of photographers who have a life and career. Photography is just a hobby they passionately pursue. Well I am one of them. I may not be well equiped to do the covers for a fashion magazine but because of my passion for photography I can capture quality photos of the precious moments of your life that too at very reasonable prices.



if you dont mind,Please put some master piece's of your work... :).